UFC 70: Nations Collide is an upcoming mixed martial arts event to be held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The event is currently scheduled for Saturday, April 21, 2007 at the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, England.[1] UFC 70 will be the second UFC event held in the United Kingdom, and the first in Manchester. The
first UFC event in the UK was UFC 38: Brawl at the Hall on July 13, 2002. UFC 70 will also be only the seventh UFC event held outside the United States, and the first since UFC 38.


Promotion: Ultimate Fighting Championship

Date: April 21, 2007

Venue: Manchester Evening News Arena

City: Manchester, England


Michael Bisping vs. Elvis Sinosic
Winner: Bisping via technical knockout (strikes) in round two

Andrei Arlovski vs. Fabricio Werdum
Winner: Arlovski via unanimous decision

Ryoto Machida vs. David Heath
Winner: Machida via unanimous decision

Cheick Kongo vs. Assuerio Silva
Winner: Kongo via majority decision

Alessio Sakara vs. Victor Valimaki
Winner: Sakara via technical knockout (strikes) in round one

Dennis Siver vs. Jess Liaudin
Winner: Liaudin via submission (armbar) in round one

Terry Etim vs. Matt Grice
Winner: Etim via submission (guillotine choke) in round one

David Lee vs. Junior Assuncao
Winner:Assuncao via submission (rear naked choke) in round two

Paul Taylor vs. Ediberto Crocota Winner:
Taylor via technical knockout (strikes) in round three

My predictions:

Match #1: Edilberto Crocota .vs. Paul Taylor

I haven't seen much of either men I have seen some of Crocotas fights and he is very impressive. Subbing some of his opponents with the anaconda, armbars, guillotines he is a very good grappler like most Brazilians turn out to be in the UFC and PRIDE FC. Not only a decent grappler but a decent strikers with a few KOs to his resume. I think he will make it somewhat far in the division therefore I don't see him losing his first fight especially to a guy like Paul Taylor. Paul Taylor has had some decent wins such as over Galesic. However his striking is mediocre but his ground game is good. I see this fight going to the ground with ease and Crocota out grappling Paul Taylor for the first round submission victory.

My Prediction: Edilberto defeats Taylor 1st round Submission

Match #2: Dennis Siver .vs. Jesse Liaudin

I'm not impressed by either men but judging the skill I think Siver will get Liaudin. Siver is a great grappler both men are ground fighters therefore expect the fight to go to the ground. Liaudin has lost to some unimpressive competition and Siver is on a roll, another reason Siver could win in my books. Both are similar grapplers most of their wins are submissions however almost all their losses by submission. But Siver has showed better ground game and defeated tougher competition therefore I expect him to get the w.

My Prediction: Siver defeats Liaudin 2nd round Submission

Match #3: Victor Valimaki .vs. Alessio Sakara

Should be a good fight here I wish it would be on the card rather than Kondo .vs. Assuerio Silva. Anyways this fight should go the distance its unpredictable here. I think Sakara will blast Valimaki like he always does to his opponents in the first round. However Valimaki is a cardio machine therefore expect some take downs in the second and third. Valimaki is definitely the better grappler too. I have been impressed with Valimaki having almost defeat David Heath who is extremely good in my books. Sakara has lost to medium competition in the past and hasn't ever impressed me I don't get the big hype of him. I expect Valimaki to beat him using the cardio and the fighting style. Sakara haven't seen his takedown defense but I can picture some take downs occurring and him falling. I think Valimaki will ground and pound him for the 3rd round victory.

My Prediction: Valimaki defeats Sakara 3rd round TKO Strikes

Match #4: Junior Assuncao .vs. David Lee
Should be a decent ground fight both are not so bad grapplers. I think this is a good match choice both men are very similar in their peak at the UFC having been squashed in their first couple fights. I give David Lee a slighter advantage in the grappling than Assuncao since Junior has lost to submission a couple of times but so has Lee. But Lee has far more experience in the submission game in my opinion. This fight will be all ground and I think Lee will catch Assuncao on his back like Pellegrino did to get the tap out victory in the middle of the fight.

My Prediction: Lee defeats Assuncao 2nd round Submission

Match #5: Matt Grice .vs. Terry Etim

A lot of hype concerning Matt Grice and how hes a great wrestler. Haven't seen anything out of Terry Etim therefore I am leaning towards Matt Grice to squash this guy in his debut. I predict some take downs happening and a ground and pound victory for Grice over this Etim. Not much I can predict here my only sources are the rumors as I haven't seen much of either guy.

My Prediction: Grice defeats Etim 1st round TKO

Match #6: Cheick Kongo .vs. Assuerio Silva

Our first fight on the event card on TV. I think this fight will be some what of a snore fest and end up on the ground. But I don't blame the matchmakers I mean it is right to make these guys face each other as they are both in the same level in the heavyweight division having lost. But I think Assuerio contains more skill. Both have some highlight KOs but I think the stand up goes to Kongo. But Kongos take down defense is unimpressive therefore I expect Silva to take him down unless hes improved since his last fight immensely its going to end up this way Assuerio taking him down. Assuerio is definitely the better grappler having BJJ experience and a few submission wins Kongo hasn't had any. Therefore I feel Assuerio will make this fight a rolling on the ground match and sneak out a boring decision. Shouldn't be fun to watch.

My Prediction: Silva defeats Kongo 3rd round Unanimous Decision

Match #7: Andrei Arlovski .vs. Fabricio Werdum

This match is where its at I don't care about Heath .vs. Machida or Crocop .vs. Gonzaga this should be the most hyped match on the card for several reasons. I have seen no advertising for this fight either. Why? This fight could be a huge draw. The PRIDE fans thinking Werdum will walk through Arlovski while UFC fans think Arlovski will walk through him. However I don't see this fight ending up on the ground. Fabricio will try to take him down but fail I haven't seen Werdum take down many of his opponents or showing skill at it. However Aleksander Emelianenko is a very similar fighter to Andrei Arlovski without the leg kicks. And Werdum walked right through him. Werdum has never been decimated in any of his fights and he has fought very tough competition having grappled with the best (Nogueira). But I feel this will be the fight where he meets his maker. I think Arlovski will not be easy to take down. Unless Fabricio hits Arlovski with a good shot on his weak chin it will be all over. But I expect Arlovski to be all over him with the leg kicks and great striking.

My Prediction: Arlovski defeats Werdum 2nd round KO

Match #8: Michael Bisping .vs. Elvis Sinosic

This is a no brainer here. Sinosic will find no way to take down Bisping just like against Sakara and Griffin. Bisping has much better stand up and will kill him just like Griffin and Sakara did to him. 1st round TKO, no question unless it ends to the ground some how (Sinosic in my opinion can't take Bisping down) then Sinosic will out grapple for the win. But it will stand and Bisping will decimate him.

My Prediction: Bisping defeats Sinosic 1st round TKO

Match #9: David Heath .vs. Ryoto Machida

Wow this will be a great fight I think its really unfair how they had to make both fight each other in their prime like this both undefeated and looking better than ever. I think Machida will win he is a very well rounded fighter he has it all: the grappling, the takedown defense, the muay thai, the striking. Heath in my opinion has some stand up and is more of a ground fighter. I am leaning towards Machida to pull off a decision win since thats usually how both fighters win I expect it to reach a decision in a match Machida dominates using counter striking with some failed takedowns by Heath. Should be decent though I would rather see Machida send Forrest to the hospital. Heath could win though I mean hes the version of Edgar in his decision how many feel hes stepping to an unstoppable Machida but he could pull the upset like Edgar did to Griffin.

My Prediction: Machida defeats Heath 3rd round Unanimous Decision

Match #10: Mirko Crocop .vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

While I feel Gonzaga has no chance of winning with the style he fights I can picture him getting the huge upset for some reason. Hes not that bad of a fighter he has the total package all around skills. Decent takedowns, not bad striking, and great grappling. Crocop is one dimensional just a striker with decent takedown defense. I don't think Gonzaga can take him down and Crocop will put a clinic on him standing. Gonzaga is also very similar to Eddie Sanchez with the all around skills. But I can picture Gonzaga with the upset for some odd reason...

My Prediction: Crocop defeats Gonzaga 1st round KO

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