The following are results from episode one of The Ultimate Fighter 5 on Spike TV from April 5, 2007. Results are courtesy of the official website of TUF 5, which you can visit at

Well, it didn’t take long for things to start heating up in The Ultimate Fighter 5 house, and on Episode Two of the Spike TV reality series, it looked like the fights weren’t going to be happening strictly in the Octagon.

Gabe Ruediger and Matt Wiman, teammates on the BJ Penn squad, started jawing at each other early on, with fisticuffs apparently one wrong comment away. This intersquad squabbling concerned the rest of Team Penn, and they brought their coach in to smooth things out. And while one on one counseling with the two lightweights didn’t work, a truce was reached during a team meeting in the Octagon �" albeit an uneasy one, as Wiman and Ruediger noly touched each other when shaking hands. We’re definitely going to be hearing from these two again.

Later, back at the house, boredom started to set in for Team Penn, and after writing a positive message to the US Armed Forces �" on the wall with a magic marker no less �" Rob Emerson jokingly decided to send a less than complimentary screed to Team Pulver on another wall. Team Pulver didn’t see the humor in it though, with Nathan Diaz and Brandon Melendez ready to throw down with their opposition to defend their honor. The most heated of the team though, was Manny Gamburyan, who was scheduled to fight to stay in the competition the next day against Noah Thomas. The emotional Gamburyan railed against Team Penn, concerning his teammates - especially good buddy Corey Hill �" who hoped that he wasn’t going to leave his fight in the house.

But once fight night rolled around, that wasn’t a concern, as Gamburyan, who had been sidelined for over two years due to injury, rolled over Thomas, a retired Marine, in less than a round. Hurting Thomas with the first right hand he threw, the compact Gamburyan soon secured a takedown, and after softening Thomas up with some strikes on the mat, he locked in a kimura and got the impressive submission win.

Team Pulver now moves to 2-0, and the teams currently stand as follows…

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