The waited return of the paranaense fighter Wanderlei Silva to ringues of the Pride (or to octagon of the Ultimate Fighting Championship) can not happen in this year. For the first time in the year, Wandeco - as it is called by the friends - admitted that its return can happen only in 2008. Amongst the some reasons raised for the athlete of the Academy Boxe Kick it would be its contractual situation and the period of rest and improvement.

“I am without contract with the Pride, and for the time being not yet I know where I go to fight”, it affirmed Silva to the Gazette of the Online People. Still according to fighter, until the moment nobody of the Zuffa, company organizer of the UFC, and that recently he acquired the Pride, contacted it. “I found with Dana (White, president of the UFC) in a fair of a sponsor mine, but we do not talk on nothing relative to my contract, it was a very fast colloquy”, completed.
In such a way, for the first time in 11 years of career in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), the “Mr. Pride” trains without the pressure of fights or a contract. “I am training without commitment for the first time in the life, therefore trainings calm, and I am using to advantage this period to reafinar and to improve some things in my style of fight”, explained Silva. E between lighter and detailed treinos, and some trips to follow the friends of the Boxe Kick, or still to participate of the spreading of its sponsors, it waits the definition of its future. Without haste.

“In the truth I am closed with the Pride, I must they very, and I am faithful to my values. I received new a proposal from them before venda the event, but now many things are indefinite, do not know if I come back to fight this year. Therefore I go to wait, I was in a very arduous routine, but I am training, while we do not define everything. I go to use to advantage this period to rest a little, to tan my family”, assured.

UFC x Pride - Super event can change the situation

Silva more than showed a little interest when questioned regarding the super event that still can be promoted by the Zuffa in this year. In this competition, the idea of president Dana White is to place, front-the-front, the best athletes of the UFC against tops of the Pride. A competition of this transport can come to recolocar the paranaense to still fight in this year.

“This event Would be excellent to still roll this year, is thinking about this, fatally they go to make, and I would very like to participate. Independent of this, daqui for front, I want to make good fights, only with the best ones, in search of the cinturões”, analyzed Silva. E the fighter used to advantage to answer some adversaries whom that has said they want to face it again, as the North Americans had declared recently Tim Sylvia and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. “They are calm that it has pra everybody, all will have its time”, ironizou.

Without fighting since day 24 of February, when Henderson was nocauteado by Dan, the fighter of the Boxe Kick sample that, after three months since the fight who took off of it the cinturão of Half-Medium of the Pride, the fruits harvested after a defeat are being useful. “No matter how hard I have been defeated, always he serves of learning, and I go to make I eat I made before being champion, I go to run behind who I will be with cinturão”.

Treinos with Sakuraba

Exactly being the executioner of the reign of Kazushi Sakuraba in the Pride, seven years behind, Wanderlei Silva today it demonstrates to friendship and affection for the Japanese fighter, who came the Curitiba to participate of three weeks of treinos with the master Rudimar Fedrigo, of the Kick Boxe, and the fighters of the academy, as Maurício Shogun and Murilo Ninja, beyond proper Silva. The series of treinos of Sakuraba has a reason: historical revanche between it and Royce Gracie, foreseen to roll in day 2 of June, in Los Angeles, where the K-1 Heroes the USA will happen.

“It (Sakuraba) passed positions pra we, it knows ones manhas legal. What he surprises is the calm of the face, calm, training all day. The face is professional, in contrast of what they say for ai, it does not smoke, it does not drink, and I find that it goes to be a very interesting fight”, disclosed. Although to recognize and to respect Gracie, Silva believes in the victory of the Japanese, as well as in the first meeting between the two.

Possibly, the paranaense fighter folloies the combat to the living creature. This because, at the same time, it it will be in the United States, inaugurating the new academy of the North American legend of the MMA Randy Couture, current champion of the weighed one of the UFC. “It is sponsored by the same mark of supplement that I, and in the last time that I was to U.S.A. had supper with it. For the first contact, vi that much complete good people are one face and. Perhaps until let us place an instructor ours there”, said, for after that contradicting the rumors of that the Boxe Kick could leave. “It does not have nothing of this, I find that what more I nail is loyalty to these colors, it is impossible to find professors better. Rafael (Lamb) and the Rudimar master are my mentors”.

Projects for the future

It are of ringues, Silva has arquitetado diverse projects. Beyond negotiating the possibility of events of valley-everything of the exterior to be shown in television channels opened in Brazil, “the Master Series” keeps the dream to create an event there, congregating of tip foreign fighters, but also giving space for great Brazilian names. “I want to mount this event, to launch something in the molds them better and bigger events that exist currently. I know the systems to mount this, already I am studying, and I intend to give this joy for the fans of the sport, and to use much good people”, it commented.

Still in accordance with it, proposals do not lack to take the handle the idea. “Already I received some proposals from great entrepreneurs of the world, Japanese, Europeans, even though when it stows in Las Vegas in February some people had come to speak with me regarding this. But I go to study, I cannot also tie me with any, and want to make an event with my face, that values the warlike fighters”, concluded Silva.

In Curitiba, the fighter will go to soon launch a dedicated space to its career, with photos, trophies, news articles and a store with its products. Without date still foreseen for inauguration, the space must be ready until the way of this year.

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