On Feb. 2 at "UFC 81" in Las Vegas, huge wrestler Brock Lesnar(120 kg) will fight with sometime heavyweight champion Frank Mir.Frank has horrible motorcycle accident.After 2 years he return.In last match , he won by submission over Antoni Hardonk.
It’ll be interesting match.

Frank Mir comment about fight :

"As you can see or have heard I have signed to fight Brock Lesnar on Feb 2nd for the UFC," he writes. "I am really looking forward to this fight and would like to first thank Joe Silva and Dana White and Lorenzo Fertita for offering me this fight and making it happen. I have fought for the UFC for years and consider it my home. They provide me with opportunities of a lifetime over and over again."

"I would also like to thank Brock Lesnar for signing on for the fight," he continues. "My roots are in Karate then Wrestling then Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so I have huge respect for wrestlers. Top wrestlers have a work ethic that is second to none. Brock is an excellent athlete and had an unbelievable collegiate career where he simply dominated. I am looking forward to the challenge."

"I was hoping that I would be offered a fight on the Super Bowl Card since it is a huge event and takes place in Las Vegas. I love fighting at home in front of the people that I know and in front of the fans in Las Vegas. The electricity in the event center is outrageous at the UFC fights where ever they are in the world and especially wild in Las Vegas. There is something about this town that makes people go nuts. I will be working on my ground game, stand up, and conditioning for this fight. My opponent is an outstanding athlete so I will have to be prepared for anything and everything. It's MMA. Anything can happen and often times things happen fast so proper preparation is a must."

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